The PRO Convention got a face-lift! Yes The PRO Convention AKA The PROC has made some great changes. Let’s begin well…at the beginning:


The PRO Convention has always been called the PRO Convention AKA The PROC and that will NEVER change. What has changed is what the acronym stands for. The MC Professional Convention is a new encompassing acronym that welcomes any and every one with anything and everything pertaining to the MC Community! Although the name is new, the convention offers all the same substantial information that has made it a cornerstone of the networking MC World as we know it. The PROC literally covers everything from the inception of a club to the correct way to dissolve a club. There are individual breakout sessions for every position that any club may hold. Literally there are sessions for the President, Vice President, Sgt @ Arms, Public Relation Officer, Road Captain, Business Manager Etc... There are even sessions on how to file your entity and do your taxes, Motorcycle Maintenance and MUCH MORE!



The MC Professional Convention has also restructured its Management Team:



Butta -

Lexy -

Mocha -


GENERAL MANAGERS (Speakers and Events):

Beast -

Foxy -



Wood -



Big Red -

Cotton Candie -



The MC Professional Convention AKA The PROC is the ORIGINAL Educational Networking Convention established in 2004 and is not affiliated nor in support of any other conventions, conferences and/or seminars of its kind. The MC Professional Convention AKA The PROC is an individual LLC and therefore stands on its own. We will continue to be dedicated to bringing you the best possible quality education & experience we can just as we have done over the past years and will continue to do for years to come.

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The MC Professional Convention AKA The PROC had its start in Philadelphia, PA in January 2004. It began as a "Get-Together" for Public Relations Officers AKA P.R.O.'s" from urban motorcycle clubs, predominantly in the North Eastern portion on the country, to speak on current affairs within the MC Community and fellowship.

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